About Us

Company History

Since 2002, Sleep Medicine Associates has been partnering with numerous hospitals and other healthcare providers to successfully integrate sleep disorders services with each entity’s array of clinical offerings. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provide expertise in the technical, professional and business aspects of Sleep Disorders Medicine. Utilizing currently available technology, we have enabled more efficient, cost effective and readily available sleep disorders testing and treatment for patients utilizing these programs.


Our well rounded team is ready and able to assist your healthcare orginization in the start up, managment and training needs of a new or existing sleep disorders center.

John Freeman

President, Program Director


John has twenty-two years of personal experience in the business, clinical and technical aspects of establishment and management of sleep disorders programs.

Jesse Smith

Director of Technology


Jesse has over 6 years of IT management experience in SMA He builds, implements and maintains software and hardware solutions to maximize productivity with special expertise in web based applications and design.

Brian Freeman

Director of Technical Services


Brian has experience in AASM accreditation, technical supervision, and is an instructor for the BRPT STAR training program.

Lets Work Together

Our desire is to help you successed with a three tiered approach.


The workflow and patient care requirements for a successful sleep medicine program, are quite different than those of most medical practices. Sleep Medicine Associates has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist clients in establishing optimal daily workflow processes, patient care solutions, and growth strategies needed for a healthy, enduring sleep medicine program.

Program Operation

SMA partners with Healthcare Organizations to provide efficient program operation and management. Typically our partner provides space and billing and SMA as a subcontractor provides the rest including equipment and staff thus minimizing risk as well as operational & staffing concerns for our partners.

Program Development

Practice Management Considerations and Tools (EHR/EMRs Databases, Scheduling, Process Tracking, Alerts) Financial Optimization of Operations – Evaluation and Recommendations AASM Accreditation – Evaluation and Recommendations Market Share Analysis and Strategies for Growth Ancillary Service Revenue Opportunities

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